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  • Walt Disney World CMC Update 10/9/2020
    Posted On: Oct 09, 2020

    Walt Disney World CMC Update 10/9/2020:

    IBEW Local Union 606 and the Craft Maintenance Council have reached an Agreement with Walt Disney World regarding Lay-off.  WDW has identified, by classification, the number of positions for which no work is anticipated prior to May 1, 2021. 

    Employees in each impacted classification will be given the opportunity to volunteer to be laid off. The most senior volunteers will be given preference. A volunteer is not guaranteed layoff.

    On or about November 1, 2020, after volunteers have been identified, the specific impacted employees will be notified of layoff and placed on a 60-day statutory WARN notice period with pay.  The impacted employees will be separated from employment effective upon the expiration of the 60-day notice. 

    The current 5TH Year Apprentices who will not be placed into an available journeyman position prior to November 1, 2020, will be included in the seniority lists in the journeyman classifications associated with their natural progression following graduation.

    Area Mechanic Electrician – 23*

    Area Mechanic Facility Industrial Technician – 8*

    Area Ride Show Associate – ALL

    Area Ride Show Tech – 21*

    Electrician Area Projectionist – 4

    Electrical Facility Support Craftworker – 42 (Seniority date of 2016 – Current)

    Laundry Craft Support – 15

    Laundry System Mechanic – 8*

    Laundry System Mechanic Jr. - 1

    Planned Work Specialist Electrician – 12

    Technical Support Craftworker - 3

    *Identifies classifications with preliminary numbers which the company may alter at any time. 

    Planned Work Specialist (PWS) will be included in the seniority list from their previous classification for the purpose of identifying the impacted individuals. Selection will occur according to the general layoff process outlined above. Those individuals that are not impacted by layoff will either remain in their prior classification or may be returned to their PWS designation.

    Facilities Support Craftworkers (FSC) will be pooled into a single seniority list, regardless of affiliate. FSC’s impacted by layoff will also be recalled in seniority order, regardless of affiliate.

    Appointments will be scheduled for impacted cast members to pick up their personal belongings.  A Union steward or IBEW Representative will be present. 

    If you have questions related to this information please send an email to info@ibew606.org

    In Solidarity,

    IBEW Local Union 606

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